How to Replace and Install a Kitchen Extractor Fan?

Doing it yourself become increasingly popular nowadays and many people prefer to make their home improvements without the help of experts which in long term hurts the business owner. The article will knowledge you about the possible installation of kitchen extract and how important is Extractor fan installation near me

Is it easy to fit a cooker hood?

How easy a kitchen extractor fan is to fit will completely depend on how big the system is and your knowledge of fitting extraction systems. 

If a person isn’t confident before applying a cooker hood, considering a professional will help save time, financial expense and more importantly peace of mind. 

Different types of kitchen extractors will have different installation needs. Like some extractors are fitted to slide underneath your workspace, whereas chimney hoods are mounted onto the wall. You then need to take into account if the extractor fan makes use of fresh air or ducting to ventilation the kitchen. Also, you can find out more about the types of extractor fans and kitchen extractor fan installation with our professional. 

Fitting a ducted extractor fan

Ducted fans are one the most complex part than recirculating extractor fans because they vent externally, which means you’ll need a hole for external walls. 

You’ll need to make various checks in order to ensure proper spacing for duct installation. For example, gas mains, water pipes and electrical wiring need to be run along with the setup. If you’re unsure or don’t know how to check, seeking a trusted professional can help better.

They can know if the wall has any gas mains and will be able to move the pipelines. Also, they will check on your wall using a pipe, cable and stud detector to make sure no water pipe or wire will get in the way of ducting installation.

If you’re upgrading an existing ducted cooker hood, you’ll be able to reuse the previous pathway. This will certainly help save significant time but if you are looking for new ducting and don’t feel confident, hiring a working professional can help you know what is best for you. Now, the question arises, where should I fit the kitchen exhaust fan so that it works with maximum efficiency? 

Where should you fit your kitchen extractor fan? 

The key purpose of a kitchen extractor fan installation is to ventilate grease, steam and odour whilst cooking, so the ideal place for hov is above the wall.

You can find more information on the importance of maintaining your kitchen hood in our article “Commercial Kitchen Extractor Fan Repair and Maintenance Tips?” 

If you have a standalone hob with a cooker fitted in another place in your kitchen, you would still need the extractor fans above your hob. Because placing it above your hob leads to running at 100% efficiency and dealing with no smoke, moisture and grease.

Do electricians fit extractor fans?

While you might fit the main body part of the kitchen extractor system, you will still need a qualified person to connect your appliance to the main supply. But do cooker hoods just plug in? Kitchen extractor fans need to be earthen so that they can’t be plugged in. 

How do you install a cooker hood?

As there are various types of extractor fans, you need to learn the installation process for each and it’s not easy. People might learn about them from detailed guidance for a specific model, but that is not enough. Therefore you should consider contacting a reliable service provider who can help you know what is best for you.

As with most projects, preparation is probably the most important part of the whole project. The right preparation will help fit your extractor fans more easily and save you time and money against unexpected issues.

Once your system installs, it is very crucial to keep them in good condition and well-maintained. Also, you can check out other important blogs for the importance and maintenance of extraction systems to find out the ways of running your extractor fan most efficiently. 

Having UK Extraction Canopies services can ease the process of “Extractor fan installation near me”. Moreover, there are various things you need to consider before installing kitchen exhaust.

  • Preparing to fit your extractor fan 
  • Measuring out your space.
  • Measuring and marking fixing points
  • Drilling the fixing points
  • Maintaining your extractor fan

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