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Where gas cooking appliances are concerned, the extraction system used in your commercial kitchen must have a gas interlocking system in place, to prevent the gas from being turned on until the ventilation is fully operational. This system is also a requirement to meet British Standard BS6173 and the Gas Safe regulations. In fact, if you own a cafe, restaurant or catering company you will already know you are legally required to have one fitted to your kitchen. UK Extraction Canopies are here to help with fitting, maintaining and replacing that, so you know your business is up to standard.

Gas Interlock System maintenance

All our engineers are Gas Safe certified and professionally trained to supply and install gas interlock systems. For further information about gas interlock system maintenance and installation, or to arrange a routine maintenance check, contact Us today.

Why do I need a Gas Interlock System?

  • Peace of mind that systems are safe
  • Makes sure your insurance isn’t invalidated
  • Gas Safe certified engineers
  • Ensures systems are compliant with BS6173 standard
  • Engineers accredited under Safe Contractor schemes & CHAS 

Gas interlock systems require routine maintenance to ensure the proper functioning correctly according to BS61173 Standards. The collapse of the “Gas interlock system installation leads to various operational issues that restrict the kitchen from working smoothly. 

Specifically, the gas safety interlock system requires regular check-ups to maintain the functionality for specific operations. Your devices need to be checked at least two times a year to verify the airflow detection and gas cut to perform as expected.

A qualified and experienced engineer needs to examine each operational component of the system according to efficiency and working, including, sensors, valves and pipework.

How Does A Gas Interlock System Work?

A Gas Interlock System comes with an inbuilt sensor that insights airflow and examines whether the duct and fans are working within the ventilation system. If the measurement of airflow is good and everything is working as it should, the sensor will allow gas to pass to the appliance. 

A commercial fan speed controller is used alongside the gas interlock system to control the speed of the inlet and outlet ventilation fans. The speed control unit is an important part of a gas interlock system, as it allows the ventilation to be adjusted according to the environment, ensuring it complies with regulations. It also serves to prevent the gas interlock system from shutting the main gas supply valve, due to the fan speed being too slow.

At UK extraction Canopies, we are equipped to replace speed control units ensuring your kitchen is working at its optimum.



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