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The extractor fan is one of the most important elements of a kitchen ventilation system.

Every kitchen establishment has different needs and the extractor fan needs to be able to operate against different resistances. Whether your fan has broken down or your kitchen just needs upgrading, the team at UK Extraction Canopies are more than happy to come out and repair any faults to ensure your system is operating at maximum efficiency in the shortest possible time frame.

At UK Extraction Canopies, we have the skills and expertise to fix all kinds of extractor fan problems including repairing and replacing an extractor fan.

When you call us in for a repair, your fan is guaranteed to be up and running again in no time. All of our fully trained technicians will get the repair right for you the first time to give you complete peace of mind and carry out their work to the highest quality. Be sure to keep an eye (and ear) out for changes in your fans’ operations and call out our team as soon as you can to ensure repairs are made promptly.

Replacement Extractor Fans

If your extraction system exhuast fan is noisier or slower than usual or completely cuts off during use, you may well require a replacement or upgrade. We provide a very quick replacement service at a competitive price.


Extractor Fan Servicing

All extractor fans benefit from maintenance and servicing especially if they are used in a catering environment or commercial kitchen where the oily build up creates a sticky layer which traps dirt.


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