Kitchen Extraction Systems

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We offer commercial extract hoods, kitchen canopies and systems that can revolutionise your kitchen venting premise. Our range varies from extract-only hoods, kitchen smoke extractors & input hoods, service distribution units, island canopies, and odour & noise control systems. UK extraction builds your services that tailor your very requirements. 

If you’re looking for commercial heating extraction hoods, Extractor fans or entire commercial kitchen extraction systems, then UK extraction is the trusted industry supplier.

The Importance of Good Kitchen Extraction

Kitchen ventilation and extraction systems are important for many reasons. Not only do they allow kitchens to work efficiently and effectively in all business conditions. They can also increase the longevity of your kitchen premise. 

  • Use demand ventilation
  • Air Quality
  • Odour Control
  • Integrate HVAC and CKV systems
  • Install high-efficiency specialized filters
  • Extend the hood or ducting
  • Seal gaps
  • Hybrid ventilation

When designing a commercial kitchen or revising a ventilation system, keep some points in mind. This design factor makes your ventilation system performs at economy and efficiency. Every kitchen premise should have a safe and pleasant environment kitchen ventilation system. 

UK health and safety regulations for commercial kitchens advise that all kitchens must have sufficient kitchen ventilation. Any kitchen that fails to follow such regulations leads to the risk of being fined and prosecuted

Extract Only Canopy Systems

Are you cooking with electric-only equipment? looking for a new installation of a commercial kitchen canopy, extend or upgrade your existing canopies and duct work. Why not contact us today for a nationwide installation and quote, our commercial kitchen extraction canopy systems provide high performance. We can design, manufacture & install.


Full Installation Service

Providing a business-ready solution to your commercial kitchen extract and ventilation solutions. Our team provides a complete installation and install service to compliment manufacturing and design.


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