Commercial Kitchen Extractor Fan Repair and Maintenance Tips

A commercial Extractor and ventilation system should be cleaned on a regular basis, and when you notice the first signs of something going with it, you should look at getting a maintained and commercial kitchen extractor fan repaired by experienced professionals. 

These fans should be environmentally safe in terms of altering different odours in the air which can be led by bacteria, dirt and grease building up. This can potentially put your kitchen staff and customers at some serious risk. If you don’t keep commercial extraction and ventilation inefficient, clean condition, this can cause fire and risk and fatalities. 

Air quality inside the premise is less clean than the fresher air outside. Maintaining your kitchen extraction system will save your costs in long term and help a unit can rely on it in the long term. In this article, you will learn the way to kitchen extractor fan replacement, repairing and maintaining to achieve the best performance for food preparation. 

Commercial Kitchen Extractor Fan repair

Repair and maintenance tips to achieve the best performance

Monthly Cleaning 

Preventing major issues from arising by scheduling a few days to clean the excretion in your kitchen. Even a couple of hours will be a good time to achieve the best performance of the extractor. 

Clean the Filter

Commercial kitchen extractor fans can become filled dirty with grease if left uncleaned for a long period of time. Thus, it can be hard to remove if regular cleaning isn’t done. They should be cleaned two to three times a week by experienced professionals for the betterment of the environment. You can hot soapy water to degrease the following system but if you don’t find satisfaction, consider contacting a kitchen extractor fan repair near me.

Brush or vacuum the Extractor Fan Vents

Ideally using an appropriate-sized brush to sweep the vents might help extraction fans. Additionally, if the blades of commercial extractor fans are left strictly and covered with grease. Then any dust particles in the air will stick to the blades. The speed of the fan will gradually decrease and slow down the airflow inside the premise which might risk the kitchen premise. Therefore you should seek a professional for commercial kitchen extractor fan repair and cleaning. 

How often should the extractor be cleaned?

A routine maintenance schedule should be created to make your commercial extraction and ventilation system clean and safe. Filters, as well as the extraction and supply grills, ideally should be cleaned by the engineer after every two to three months, and most of them will depend on the system you have, the quality of the filters and how often the extraction fan system is used. 

A reputable maintenance company will recommend and schedule a professional cleaning and kitchen extractor fan repair near me if needed. 

A fully functional extractor fan is very important for a good environment inside the kitchen premise. Extractor fans will not only remove steam and moisture; however, will also help provide cleaner air so that harmful toxic gases and particles cannot be inhaled.  

Since the difficult times, food catering establishments and businesses are becoming top-notch which leads to more use of extraction and ventilation, so hiring a professional engineer will help you know what is best for the commercial kitchen. An engineer will help with maintenance, supply, installation, repair and professional duct cleaning.   

Your service provider has the experience for what you need also you can check their customer from the website. The professional engineers are qualified in all aspects of commercial kitchen extraction and ventilation system.

We help commercial kitchen establishments including:

  • Fast Food chains and independents
  • Restaurants
  • Pubs
  • Cafes
  • Caterers
  • Industrial
  • Limited companies and self-employed
  • Sports Event providers

If you have had a bad experience with different extraction and ventilation, you can consider contacting the kitchen extractor fan replacement and cleaning company.

What do your extraction services provide?

Having a cleaned and dry fan can manage a good amount of heat from the kitchen premise. Because the more the warmer the ambient temperature, the more the chances of bacteria growing. This means that even during preparation, the time taken to prepare and cook food will directly lead to an increase in the growth of bacteria.


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