What is the Importance of a Ventilation System for Your Restaurant?

The requirement for a restaurant ventilation system is going to be more modern than other businesses such as hotels, offices and other commercial buildings. The ventilation system for your restaurant needs regular serving and maintenance for your kitchens due to food storage and safe food prep. 

In this article, you will learn, what are the benefits of having a good Kitchen extraction System in restaurants and how they can significantly enhance customers’ experience whilst following safety and health measures. 

What is a Mechanical Ventilation System? 

So what is a mechanical ventilation system? A mechanical ventilation system guide to controlling airflow within the commercial area to produce a constant supply of air from outside whilst removing dry air. The mechanical ventilation system also checks many other variables like temperature, oxygen levels, air quantity and many more. 

Types of Ventilation Systems for Restaurants 

There are two types of ventilation systems for restaurants, heat recovery ventilation systems and kitchen extract supply systems. 

Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

Heat recovery ventilation systems are a must for dining, bar and general open areas inside the restaurant that needs a heat ventilation system. This is essential to supply fresh air removal of old air through the exchanger that retains a minimum of 70% cooling and heating inside the space provided. 

Heat recovery systems alleviate carbon footprint which in turn, helps global warming and lowers fuel bills. Moreover, It’s essential to keep the fans of your heat recovery ventilation system clean and carry out regular preventative maintenance to make sure they work properly. Thus, commercial kitchen extraction installers near me provide regular maintenance and cleaning services to ensure you will have clean and pure air inside your space.  

Kitchen Extract Supply Systems 

Commercial Kitchen Extraction is only for suitable kitchens that do not need a heat recovery system due to the contamination within the system on the extract. The kitchen extraction system work on the principle of adding 80% of the air that is extracted to allow the kitchen to have negative air within the cooking operational space, this air will be filtered and then heated to maintain the temper of the air.  

The kitchen extraction System removes everything including smells, smoke, fat particles and steam or any toxic gas, and makes the kitchen highly efficient within the restaurants. Often in the build-up areas where you can’t install an internal or external duct until a high-level discharges fat odours then Ultraviolet and Ozone electrostatic procedures with simple filters and carbon filters are supplied to extract all odours, contaminants and fats.

The Importance of Restaurant Ventilation Systems in Scotland


Refine Air Quality 

Cooking liberate grease, smoke and toxic particulars into the space, which can be harmful to not only workers but customers as well. 

An effective heat kitchen extraction installer for your space will remove airborne gases and contaminants including carbon monoxide while maintaining the temperature inside the premise, making the restaurant safer, and maintaining food hygiene standards.

Clears Grease

Grease inside the air is also another battle for many commercial kitchens and impacts the quality of air inside the kitchen premise whilst coating the work area as well as ceilings, walls and equipment. Grease can lead to many hazardous problems for kitchen staff and can potentially damage the walls and ceilings of the premise and increase the chances of fire.  

Commercial kitchen extraction installers near me help eliminate the toxic substances from both inside and outside the kitchen premise and remove grease and food particles from the air.  

Removes Unwanted Odours 

Releasing bad odours from commercial kitchens and dining premises can impact cooked food or even raw foods’ taste and odour which can impact your customer experience and make them uncomfortable.  

kitchen extraction installers in Scotland offer an efficient extraction system and help eliminate any type of bad odour to ensure a comfortable and good customer experience. 

Reduction in other expense

Generally, restaurants use a ventilation system within a kitchen premise to alter the needs of the HVAC system for cooling and heating. Moreover, the Heat recovery ventilation system also ensures the air remains dry and clean in the kitchen space to heat faster and prevent the need to start your heating system leading to saving energy bills. 

During the winter humidity increase by a significant amount due to constant movement, and cooking inside a close premise which can cause infestation and restaurants to use more energy from the heated air. 

Customer Satisfaction

One of the most essential benefits of installing a Kitchen extraction System within the restaurant premise is impactful for both customers and the kitchen staff to ensure safety and comfort. The dining experience is significantly important when it comes to turning one-time customers into regular ones, and with the assurance of good ventilation, you can easily achieve this. 

How Important is a Restaurant Ventilation System? 

Thus, how important are ventilation systems for restaurants’ premises? If you are looking to set up a new business or don’t have enough ventilation in your current set up then invest in a Commercial Kitchen Extraction for efficient ventilation that ensures improvement in air quality and archives but success. 

Installing a Ventilation System for your Restaurant 

At UK Extraction Canopies, our team of professional HVAC engineers have 2 decades of experience and takes the time to know and learn about your business needs for your restaurants with an effective ventilation system. 

We install, design and maintain a wide range of efficient HVAC products and services including heat recovery ventilation systems, Kitchen extraction Systems, and ceiling units to ensure your customer receives good surroundings and a comfortable experience. 

To enquiry about installation and regular serving in your restaurant premise to enrich the dining experience for your customers and staff, get in touch today. 


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