How to Hide Cooker Hood Ducting?

Whether you’re looking for a full kitchen remodelling or a little sprucing up, there are various issues to hide or cover range hood vents. Think about the overall plan for the kitchen and work in a range hood fan that suits your kitchen style.

Kitchen extractor fans are important to keep the stale smell inside the cooking area. However, the visible cooker hood ducting can ruin the overall design of your space. So, the question arises, what to do? How to hide cooker hood ducting? 

How To Hide Cooker Hood Ducting?

You can eliminate the cooker hood ducting by installing a false cabinet around it. Or, you can use a plastic pipe to attach it. But ensure that the color and design of the pipe are the same as the wall paint. However, can this one step solve every type of cooker hood? In this article, we will guide you in detail so you can showcase quirky kitchen wall art without any issues.

The Best Ways To Hide A Cooker Hood Ducting

Hiding a cooker hood isn’t an easy task. It roughly installs a maxim of 1000mm above the range. So, most of the time, you need to cover its hood rather than the duct itself. Here are some best hacks that you might try. 

  • Installation of the Cabinet 

Most people have a wall-mounted cooker hood already installed. It takes lesser space and works wonderfully. 

Therefore, the ideal solution is to install a decorative kitchen wood cabinet around it. You can also use the multi-colour decoration or spare crockeries in it. This idea also works for downdraft hoods. Moreover, you can install a spice rack around it and provide additional storage.

  • Try Mix Paint – For extractor hood ducting.

Professional chefs and staffs are the best fans of canopy foods. As they are versatile and suck smoke, odour and cooking fumes effectively.  

You can paint its exterior surface the same as the hood to make it look brighter and shinier. It will miss and match your kitchen paint giving you an overall cool vibe. Also, you can seek a reliable and experienced hood-designing company to know what will be best for your kitchen premise.

  • Use A PVC Pipe – Best For the Cooker hood vent kit.

There is very less visible ducting when it comes to visor cooker hoods. In such a case, you can go with PVC pipe.

Take a wide PVC pipe and divide it into half vertically, and adjust the foam at both ends or place it over the extractor hood ducting pipe.

You can also hang some artificial grass leaves around it. Or you can bring some prints and draw some patterns on them. 

  • With the Use of Mable Sheets 

Having a good interior with a kitchen fan, you don’t need to ruin the beauty of your kitchen premise. 

Lately, there has been a good trend for marble sheets. So, why not use this idea here? Eventually, start with the PVC pipe first. 

Install the PSV around the ducting. Then, stick the marble sheet around it. This will give an aesthetic and royal look to the kitchen. Also, you can choose any pattern of your choice.

  • Install The Mirror Around It

This idea might be crazy, but this one works wonders. All you need is some cardboard and fancy mirror sheets.

Make a three-sided cabinet with the help of cardboard and smoothen the edges with the help of a mirror cutter and adjust the mirror sheets. 

Then fix the foam on both sides and adjust it around the cooker hood ducts. Moreover, it’s not legal for the range hood to vent outside. Thus, if you have a recirculating range hood, then it is best to hide with the help of flowers and green.

How Can You Hide the Cooker Hood Ducting?

Yes, it is entirely safe to use DIY hacks to hide the cooker hood duct. There is no law that prohibits it. You can hold some changes within the wall shelves and place some seasons pans and greens. 

Is There Any Gap Between Cooker Hood and the Cupboards?

Yes, there must be a hole between the hood and the adjacent cupboard. The hood pump the stale air, odour, toxins and moisture from the cooking premise. 

If there would be no gap, moisture can damage the door and other things stored inside them. 

Wrapping It Up!

Hiding your cooker duct can be a little tricky. Initially, It is best to consider picking an overall interior that would be matched it provides an aesthetic look. Moreover, if your cooking space has a modern contemporary style, then it is best to go with mirror sheet hacks. 

On the contrary, for old-designed cooking zones, an artificial cabinet suits more. We hope our economical hacks will help you hide the kitchen extractor hood effectively. For more, please get in touch with our team, who’ll be happy to help with your query.


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